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Guangzhou's Customs Hotel (Haiguan Huiyi Jiedai Zhongxin) is situated on Shamian Island,  a beautiful tourist spot,  facing the bustling city center to the north and the Pearl River to the south.
As a comprehensive hotel,  it combines meeting facilities,  banquet halls,  recreational opportunities and accommodation to please any type of traveler.
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住客评论 1272条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • fenglijie1011
    Hotel is hard to find, next to keep quiet, there are many big trees around, the air is very good, staff are satisfied with the suite of free upgrades, next election here
  • lillian
    Hotel on in sand surface Street, had people bridge is Metro, location quite good, at any time can around sand surface Park. This staying, because zhiqian scheduled of standard between no has, hotel free upgrade has luxury suite, added has a Zhang folding bed, quite was satisfaction. hotel of facilities quite good, is this 11 travel of 5 Home Hotel in the best of, despite star not highest of. next to Guangzhou also staying this home. Unfortunately, poor is the restaurant's cooking so much.
  • anne1717
    Price high, live environment good, free upgrade for Red President suite, is tall Shang, service is good, also sent has two box soy milk, facilities equipment are is very good of, many are is full copper of, also equipped with has safe, small refrigerator, too OK's! door outside security is has courtesy. outside corridor also has big of views King Taiwan, very like! eat things to Lan Kwai Fong good near! too delicious! next also to live
  • Jill_Li
    Hotel was very comfortable, especially the hotel environment is beautiful, century-old trees form a contrast lining.
  • jiameng530
    A very good environment, very suitable for leisure. the only regret is that annex, no umbrella lending, but the waiters were very friendly, and guests take private umbrella. praise
  • couger
    I really like the silence of yuehai, Shamian Island, the unique character and style, there's a chance, be sure to also go to.
  • mtanyxs
    Nice, easy to eat, good choice.
  • cyear
    In sand surface in, I is car rental past of, intends to second days to long long Zoo, parking quite not convenient, live has two days half, card daily back are to to front desk brush about, not convenient. front desk work handover has problem, continued live to six o'clock in the afternoon, to noon Shi actually call let I check out. morning also didn't woke up call let I moved car, I are wants to curse.
  • E03580571
    Very clean and tidy, very distinctive hotel! outside the scenery is very beautiful!
  • lovelyly
    Very good near shangxiajiu pedestrian street, and near the famous White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, facing the Pearl River nice that there are still features the iconic location next time stay
  • andyc311
    Very clean hotel, sand surface environment is very good, green is very good, very quiet. free upgrade to superior room Park view rooms, transport is not very convenient, distance from nine walking up and down a bit, the hotel taxi is also more difficult.
  • bellabeibei
    Location is convenient for the surrounding landscape around the Metro bus is near shangxiajiu beautiful mess is very satisfied with the hotel service very good stores is not very big but very good next choice would still be there
  • tt0426
    Breakfast very good, room did not originally set, repeatedly apologized for a few rooms before finally determined. give praise! facility does not cover well, the room smell.
  • ajmm100
    Formerly known as custom event catering, staying for the third time, and first floor window garden-view big bed room, the start was arranged in the small window, and is kind of like a cage Windows. coordinated by the front desk, change to the back room, is Windows, but the view is the opposite of home. total stronger than a small window. Location is really good, like sand on the surface of quiet, I hope better luck next time.
  • amili_2008
    In the sand, surrounded by ancient trees, old building, very nostalgic to live. from the appearance of the hotel is very small, only 5 floors, there is gorgeous. I garden. push and sit by the window in the morning, very comfortable. around a variety of Cantonese cuisine, highly recommended.
  • jamesjin526
    Most suitable accommodation for sooner or later, have time for a walk, the surrounding environment is unmatched by hotels in the city. Although it is old, inconspicuous outside, but within the very good, staff were very polite
  • babylon_yy
    Near very good convenient hotel near shangxiajiu in sand which is consistent
  • leilyj
    A few good
  • fei409
    Okay ... If not in the tourist areas, estimated at just 200 standard ... In the sand over 1 time ... Are all okay. parking is free. and this is the best ... Facilities great ... Night sent two boxes of Vitasoy
  • bingyao222
    It's OK
  • odele
    The hotel is very clean and comfortable. check-in and check-out very quickly, in front of big brother for security very friendly. shangxiajiu pedestrian street for a walk of about 20 minutes, there are several restaurants on the island.
  • duorumi
    Shamian island environment just fine, room good. is inside the island, many taxis hardly know, around for a while
  • e00186586
    Is far away from the Metro station!
  • annina
    Around Nice
  • allencwy
    Very comfortable, nice
  • Simon
    Hotel good location in Shamian Street, very quiet, more people over the weekend, are sand pictures, very satisfied with the stay!
  • luantian
    Originally booked for two days, but didn't want to go, and booked a night. also lived here will want to comment the hotel surroundings are so beautiful, materials and details in the decoration of the hotel is very good. hotel provides a good service and free upgrade to a suite, secretly pleased. holiday price value, Ah!
  • jimwolf
    Value can also be
  • Juliaing
    Unexpected accommodation at a time imitation Gothic architecture on the bed a bit small the window is Shamian Street is great
  • teamosxy
    Very good. it is worth staying at!
  • lbjwyw
    In the sand, the surrounding natural environment did not say. Hotel looks small, but there is journey into amazing caves. facility is new, sanitary clean. towels old. front desk attitude is good. restaurant guests can hit 90 percent. tastes good, serve the food was a little slow. it is worth staying
  • cy3937530
    Booked a Deluxe double room, arrived at their hotel is at 11 o'clock, we have been let out of the room, hotel temporarily upgraded to a deluxe room, really cool! good surrounding environment, in the sand Park, you can visit during the day. it was stated that also has a lot of new spring and autumn wedding. hotel enjoys convenient traffic, subways and buses, very convenient!
  • fly_bird2003
    Good surroundings, Green good
  • angel -w pj
    Good. classical environment, away from business zone of near, Metro
  • alexoy
    Feeling satisfied, each Guangzhou chose to live here.
  • B12066
    Nice surroundings, clean and convenient. shortcomings of your wireless network is not good and often could not be contacted.
  • given
    Very good, sand scenery is beautiful, the traffic is convenient, Hotel Nice, call taxi is very convenient.
  • caoyuxiu
    Environment is very good, but for the first time, not to find out the drivers, Shamian Street. Dim sum varieties less shrimp Dim sum menu text, want not. only suitable for occasional live once. Sands of North Street near seafood market.
  • pandamiaomiao
    What are satisfied with room Wi-Fi effect if they can improve, it is out.
  • rodger123
    Nice morning exercise outside, eating is also very convenient, there's a nice cat poop coffee shop, every visit!
    A very good environment, condition is good, recommended
  • as3309
    Sand the comforts, the rooms are like.
  • sc180
  • e01282760
    Hotel location is very good, customer service at the front desk service was very good, rooms clean and tidy. transportation is convenient, customer good will choose this hotel next time.
  • gassber
    Nice, which belongs to the quiet place, like back in the 60 's, from the Pearl River close!
  • Lee.Mx
    Total service isn't very warm, a little disappointed. but the surrounding area is good, Shamian scenic spot, Metro is near.
  • sunxp
    Sand lived in every time you come here, the surrounding environment did not have to say, is 11 o'clock there are many loud guests in the first floor, front desk service why not stop it.
  • lioooooo
    Beautiful hotel, clean, quiet, friendly staff, good, next time will stay
  • catfeng0907
    Like here is great too
  • Candyjam668
    Sand surface Street near although is old, but environment is good, hotel around convenience shop hotel coffee shop bar are has, opposite is a small church, is car has some not convenient, taxi words go to cat shit coffee door compared good, away from have recently of Terminal is West di Terminal. room health is good, space right, live with also is think full value of, recommended